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Current Project Locations

North Africa

Our commitment to a sustainable business model in the Food and Agricultural sector within this region of the world has resulted in a venture partnership in egg production. Capacity is currently expanding and will result in daily production of 60,000 to 100,000 eggs, making this project one of the largest suppliers of fresh eggs in the region.


LFF’s work as contracted management consultant in the Agricultural Sector in the Kurdistan, Iraq has created the opportunity to develop a strategic partnership with Preemptive Love Coalition, a local organization involved in transformative work within the healthcare sector throughout Iraq.

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LFF has established Caris Pure Processing, an Indian company located about 90 km south of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Caris Pure is the first fully automated poultry processing facility with the capacity to meet hygienic standards for meat preparation in Tamil Nadu. It has been located in the rural village of Paraman Keni with the aim of creating jobs within the village and creating direct access for rural poultry producers within the market that serves the rapidly increasing demand for poultry products in Chennai. This business has positioned us to engage in regional conversations on food production standards, local food security, while creating space within the market for those often over-looked.

Construction of the processing plant was completed in one year and was dedicated in April of 2014. Production is currently ramping up, beginning in June with 4,000 birds processed per day with the capacity to reach 24,000 birds processed per day within six months.

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