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Community Impact - Iraq

Founded in 2007 with the belief that preemptive love unmakes violence and remakes the world, the Preemptive Love Coalition has been working with the Iraqi government to provide life-saving heart surgeries in pursuit of peace between communities at odds. Many years of conflict within the country has resulted in a profound increase in children born with congenital heart diseases. PLC provides the country of Iraq with the resources to facilitate medical procedures to resolve the backlog of children in desperate need; waiting in line for lifesaving medical procedures allows PLC the platform to engage with the highest levels of government, medical professionals, and those in great need.

Since their inception, Preemptive Love Coalition has performed more than 500 procedures, from complex, high-risk open heart surgeries to minimally invasive CATH procedures. All the while, PLC invests in the local surgeons and medical staff, providing experiential and theoretical training in the most advanced techniques and procedures. PLC currently operates in government hospitals in 5 cities throughout Iraq.

For further information on Preemptive Love Coalition visit their website.