Caris Pure
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Caris Pure Processing

Caris Pure Processing is a poultry processing and distribution company located south of Cennai. Caris Pure is committed to a sustainable and socially responsible business model that adds value to the local poultry market and to its surrounding communities. ‘Caris’ is the Greek word for GRACE, is the foundational value that shapes the company. Grace is the reality by which life and wholeness comes from death and brokenness. This business will be filled with vivid illustrations of this reality and will attempt to conduct business in such a way as to point employees, customers, and vendors to the transformative impact of grace upon individuals and communities as it is more fully understood and embraced.

‘Pure’ is synonymous with clean, an ironic description of a meat processing facility! This term reflects our commitment to a hygienic process and products resulting in consumer confidence. We seek to contribute to the poultry market by advancing quality standards through development of hygienic processing technologies.

‘Processing’ is the main business conducted by the company. We will begin with poultry processing and may expand into additional food products. Food sustainability and security is a pressing need for the growing economy of Chennai and of Tamil Nadu. The rapidly advancing food industry in this region holds great potential for abundance as resources are stewarded through increasing technological development. We desire to participate in this development in so far as it promotes human flourishing and stewardship of precious resources.