Our Values
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Our Values

We believe as global citizens we have a responsibility to help those in great need around the world. With a strong conviction that lasting impact within under-developed areas is best produced by empowering the local populace, the Larson Financial Foundation establishes and grows sustainable, transformative and hope-centered businesses within areas we have identified as feasible. Through these business ventures we create jobs, stimulate local economies, and empower local individuals to partner with us in improving life for themselves, their families, and their communities.

We work towards holistic transformation through business. 

We prioritize through a process that begins with identifying a particular community in a place of great need.  Then a business and impact plan is developed that creates value within that location and people. 

We utilize a diversity of business models aiming to maximize impact in each particular region. 

We embrace the highest standards of ethical business practice and are committed to profit sustainability. 

We seek input and involvement from local expertise.

We believe that communities are best served from within, and we work to identify and empower local assets toward that end. 

We introduce partners who pass on expertise in specific development areas to local members of the community who can then take responsibility for ongoing development.